Thursday, October 14, 2010

A new do...

As the seasons change, besides swapping out my wardrobe and adding some seasonal of my favorite things to do come autumn is to change the color of my hair! Anyone else add hair to their season preferences? No? Okay, just me then. Well naturally I'm not exactly sure what my hair color is...oops :) But it is around that lovely dishwater blonde. You know, not exactly a blonde, but not rich enough to be considered a brunette. Yeah, okay, so maybe that's why I try not to see it's the new color for this fall/winter season!

What ya think?


  1. That is so funny that you mentioned that Michelle! I went and got my "fall-do" yesterday and had her go dark instead of blond! Love your color!

  2. Very cute, chica! I've never colored my hair...maybe I will SOMEDAY... :)


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